The Project Management team offers a flexible service based on a robust and industry-leading formula for delivery. Working closely with our clients, we adopt a value-driven approach to denying and articulating business and briefing objectives, enabling us to identify the most effective means to deliver the project.

We provide a full suite of project management services through feasibility, procurement, design, construction delivery, and into operations.

Client Representation

As industry professionals, we represent the Client to set processes and KPI’s, monitor performance, and manage delivery of their projects throughout pre and post-contract stages of work.

Program Management

We consider the client’s project options and business objectives in preparation of the executive programme and overriding project plan. We have the experience to implement and deliver strategies that manage risk, time and cost.

Risk Management

Management of risk is central to all that we do, and a key determinant in the overriding project and commercial management strategies that we set in place upon our engagement.

Quality Control

Our construction team utilise state-of-the-art collaborative defect-reporting and rectification techniques to optimise construction quality.



Proactive Claims management is crucial for any contractor’s existence in the market. We at SILVERFOX have the uppermost level of engineering and construction expertise to analytically deal with any kind of contractual delay, disruption, prolongation, acceleration, slow down problems that could surface at any stage of the project life cycle.

Always ready to provide Claims Management Services.

Claim Funding

Claim is a management issue and the process needs efficient and effective management during the entire life cycle of a project.


It is a modern, non-standard way to resolve disputes, and it is a perfect option for project managers to implement in the group working on a project.

Expert Witness

(Forensic Delay, Quantum, Engineering) in Arbitration and Litigation.
The Company may required for a number of business related court cases, since project management may refer to each type of project undertaken by any possible industry.

Delay and Quantum Claims

Issues of quantum and delay often arise in construction disputes. The parties, their counsel, courts and tribunals seek clear and reliable advice on these issues.




Contracts Management Services has successful project needs right association and partners in the completion of the project. This is possible only through a good contract management. Contract management is a crucial part finding and managing subcontractors and associates to get the best results out of them. Our contract management services ensure to produce, monitor and control subcontractors and partners required for the project.

From producing the contracts with various subcontractors, to monitoring their performance, to auditing their bills etc. are all carefully carried out to optimize their services to the project. Our team of experts will make sure a smooth contracts administration within time and correct upstream & downstream billing. They will help in managing the contract evaluation and preparation towards both subcontractor and the project client and will always safeguard the interest of our clients.

Silverfox empowers our clients with the added value of our contracts management service and allows our client to have an extra edge in overall performance. As a project management consultant, we understand the importance of all small factors in the successful completion of a project and we strive to provide our best for the cause.



Our design management strategies are focused to align with the principles and priorities of the client, ensuring design solutions achieve the key objectives. We promote a holistic approach to design and project delivery, actively engaging in the design process to optimise functionality, efficiency, buildability, and quality, whilst safeguarding cost and time objectives through the procedural review of deliverable-content.

With the rigorous application of our meticulous design review and monitoring protocols we ensure that stakeholder requirements are recorded, prioritised, and actioned at every stage in the design process.

Pre-Design Protocols

This allows projects to be virtually constructed and interrogated before being constructed physically, promoting a ‘right first time’ approach that eliminates many inefficiencies and problems that arise at site.

Design Implementation

We manage, interrogate, and audit implementation throughout the design process, facilitating a fully collaborative and coordinated, live, and cloud-based, working environment.

Engineering Design

We monitor code compliance and optimise build quality through implementation of robust construction methodology and routine buildability reviews.

Value Management

Genuine value management is at the heart of our core design services – our experienced team analyse and interrogate projects through all stages to attain the best possible outcomes in relation to time, cost and quality.


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